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Mentoring Circles


Mentoring Circles Launch!

AscendNAAMBA is launching an exciting mentorship format - Mentoring Circles! And you're invited to join!  

What are mentoring circles? 


Mentoring Circles are small groups that allow participants to be both a mentee and a mentor in results-driven conversations.  Participants connect, share, and learn from one another in a supportive environment to help each other reach goals, overcome challenges, and encourage success.  They discuss their situations, share insights, come to solutions, and connect each other with contacts.  Participants benefit professionally and personally from the opportunity to learn and lead, and build strong networks.  

How will this work?  


Circles will be formed based on several factors, including days and locations participants can meet, function, industry, and experience.  Each circle will have a facilitator who will guide the group to establish their own structure regarding leadership, topics, ground rules, and meeting locations.  Discussion topics will vary based on the interests of the circle, but could include personal development, communication skills, how to have tough discussions, personal development plans, a book or article, or how to survive a Minnesota winter!  Mentoring Circles often plan both professional/development focused events and social/networking events.  

What do I need to do to participate?  


Participants are asked to commit to the program for 6 months, as the benefits come from building trust and familiarity with a group.  Obviously, situations change, but we ask that people plan to stay engaged for this period of time.  Groups will meet once per month, with location and dates determined by the group. To sign up, click the link to provide your information, and you will be assigned to a circle in June.  

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